The UK is a major market in its own right, with a population of over 64 million, in addition to over 500 million citizens in the wider European Union.

Our strong position across a range of business sectors presents many attractive opportunities for inward investment as can be seen in the sector search. We are one of the leading business locations in the world across from Life Sciences to Creative Industries, providing easy access to customers, product innovation, suppliers and partners. For example:

Our aerospace industry is the second largest in the world, generating over £29 billion of revenue annually.

The UK’s automotive sector involves thirty three vehicle manufacturers and generates revenue of over £64 billion annually.

Britons are early adopters of technology and enthusiastically embrace online services - '4G' mobile networks are ubiquitous and each UK household owns an average of 4 internet-enabled devices, with 4 households in 10 now owning a tablet. The UK is, therefore, an excellent place to test out new technology.

The renewable energy sector is also expanding rapidly – Ernst & Young’s latest Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Survey indicates that the UK is the most attractive country in the world for investment in offshore wind energy generation for example.

The UK is a global hub for financial services, where we compete with the USA for the number one position. We have Europe’s largest financial centre, carrying out insurance activity on behalf of EU institutions and managing large amounts of EU assets.