The redeveloped dockside in Liverpool

About City Deals

City Deals are in place for the major cities outside London. They now have the authority to act to improve local economic growth. It is estimated that the initial City Deals will create 175,000 jobs over the next twenty years and enable 37,000 apprenticeships to be put in place to grow the skills base and provide companies with suitably trained employees in the future.

Cities will be able to pool income from various sources such as local taxes, which will enable them to target specific local economic priorities, investing in new businesses and helping existing companies to grow.

The City Deals are also introducing Business Growth Hubs which bring together all of the support, advice and services that local businesses and inward investors need to set up or grow their businesses.

An initial 8 City Deals were originally agreed in phase 1, with further cities and city regions following as part of phase 2.